About Us

Here at Cornerstone Commercial Capital we are experts in business and commercial lending. Cornerstone Commercial Capital can find the perfect option for you. We’re the people who do everything. Commercial Purchases. Fix n’ Flips. Rehabs. No Income Verification. Hard Money.  And More.

Our services and meticulous efforts revolve around providing you with the best options for financing. Our focus is to make you money, period. If you’re an investor, developer, contractor, business owner, or first-time investor we can help grow your net worth through real estate.

Leveraging the loan programs we offer you can keep more money in your hands while building a portfolio, the growth of which will compound over time as you build equity and add more properties to it. If you are already successful financially then we can help you to enhance the portfolio you’ve already built.  

Regardless of how big or small you are, at Cornerstone, we can guide you through the process and obstacles that come with building wealth through Real Estate Investment.

However, just knowing how to do it is not enough. Fortunately, we WANT to help you grow. The more successful you become the more likely it is that we continue to do business together. Cornerstone Commercial Capital was started in 2014 by our President Bill Wallace. His twenty-five years of experience in the residential and commercial Real Estate Mortgage Business provides the foundation to our success and the ability to provide the services we offer with such exceptional quality and clarity.

Throughout the years Bill has helped many people grow into millionaires through the tool of Real Estate. It comes down to having the right network and teams in place to make sure things
are executed effectively.

We have a great rapport with a variety of banks and lenders. We work with the senior management directly in all of these relationships. Our goal is to help every client be as successful as possible. Our team of lenders, attorneys, and banks have been carefully curated to provide the best services. We do the work for you and are only paid when the job is complete.

Every client is different. Not all deals are the same. Each loan program has its own use. We tailor our submissions around our client’s needs in order to place them in the most beneficial deal. We will bring together all our experience, knowledge, and resources in order to help build wealth for everyone we work with so that they can focus on what matters in their life. 

Our wide net lets us do business in every state (not all programs are accessible in every state). There is no deal too small or too big that we cannot help you with.

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