At Cornerstone, we are capable of handling any size commercial loan. We have options for clients who are simply buying a new office space for their own business. Further than that, we have programs for pro-investors who buy-and-hold properties, rehab them, fix n’ flip them, developers who do large build-outs, and more. Our network of lenders gives us the opportunity to provide loans for property, restaurants, buildings, gas stations, churches, car dealerships, and so on. Just let us know your needs and we will tell you what needs to be done to get qualified and finish the job.

Realtors who work with us know they are getting accurate and verified pre-approvals for their clients. If a realtor has never dealt with commercial properties we guide them through the entire process. When dealing with cash offers we have the ability to have proof of funds letters issued. For realtors with clients who make purchases regularly, we issue up to date pre-approvals to submit offers as quickly as possible.

Owner Occupied Commercial Loan

10% Down Payment. This program is designed to help self-employed people to buy a building with a lower down payment to operate their business from. Bank provides a 25yr amortized 1st @ 50% LTV.  SBA provides a low rate 25yr fixed 2nd @ 40%LTV. Business must occupy 51% of the building.  May be used as a construction loan.  Most types of businesses qualify.  Low-rate equipment loans can be added if needed.

*This loan is classified as an SBA 504 Commercial Loan. Purchase or Refinance.


Fix n’ Flip/Rehab Loans

The program can be utilized by both New and Experienced Investors. It is a great way for people to get into flipping properties.

  • 10-20% Down Payment depending on the credit and experience.
  • Down-payment covers the purchase price + the rehab budget.
  • 12-month terms.

This program works off of a drawer system. The investor starts the work and the lender reimburses the investor as the work is completed.

Commercial Loan

We work with a number of banks for standard commercial loans. These loans consist of a twenty-five-year term with twenty to twenty-five percent down for purchases. Regardless of the buyer is an independent person, LLC., or non-profit we have banks for each situation. 

If you have a property in mind or think you could benefit from this program then reach out to us. Send an email or give us a call. We can guide you through the process and help you with any questions you may have.

No Income Verification Loan

This is a no income verification loan that works for the self-employed or the investor. The loan requires credit checks, bank statements, and leases (depending on the property).

The lender will approve the loan based on the asset being purchased. 

We can make this work on any commercial purchase or non-owner occupied property.

If this program works for your situation or you want more information feel free to reach out to us and we gladly will help you. You can get a quote through our website or give us a call.

New Construction Loans / Spec Houses

Our New Construction / Spec House loan is great for a Single House or New Residential Developments. It allows you to put ten percent down and works off of a drawer system.

That money will be allocated into escrow to fund the construction. If you own land that you have planned to develop then that can also act as the down payment.

Cash-out Refinance

A cash-out refinance allows clients to cash-out equity that is sitting in a property and not earning income. We can refinance up to a 75% cash-out. Seasoning may vary.

This allows you to rehab a property, rent the units with executed leases, and then do a cash-out refi on the newly appraised value of the property. 

The program allows us to get you access to the equity that is just sitting in your property.

Well Experienced Construction Professional Loan

Our New Construction / Spec Housing loan is for major spec construction that applies to single house or
subdivisions. This loan is for the well experienced contractor/ builder.

  • Spec Construction
  • Mill Conversions
  • Condominium Projects
  • Larger size rehabs

25% down payment with 100% financing on infrastructure and build. Works off the drawer system.
Rate is Prime Plus. Call for today’s rate!
*Available in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, and Georgia

Hard Money

Hard Money is funding that comes from private investors. Generally, they are one-year terms and are interest only. They are collateral-based loans.

Hard money loans offer fast transactions on bank-owned properties, foreclosures, & cash-only offers. 

If  investors need to close quickly Hard Money is a great option.

Automotive Industry Loan

We provide flexible financing options for a wide range of automotive businesses, including equipment loans and riders. Our automotive industry loan can be tailored to your specific needs. We service gas stations with convenience stores, gas stations with auto repairs, auto repair garages, car lots, car washes, detailing shops, and auto body shops. With favorable terms and down payments, we make property ownership and expansion accessible to all. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities we provide for these types of businesses.

  • Gas Stations with Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations with Auto Repair
  • Auto Repair Garages
  • Car Lots
  • Car Washes
  • Detailing Shops
  • Auto Body Shops


Church Loan

Church loans are available for any religious organization or nonprofit looking for a building or property. The head of the organization signs on behalf of the church or nonprofit but isn’t responsible for the loan. Contact us to learn more about the opportunity we provide for these types of properties.

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