These are actual reviews and testimonials from real people. Feel free to check us out on google and take a look for yourself. We would also greatly appreciate any review you could write if you’ve done business with us.

“I was referred to them and was so glad I was. They did above and beyond to get my loan process quick and painless. Communication was the best. Definitely will use them and refer you guys out.”

- Lynn

“Bill was amazing in helping me find an investor for my difficult project. I will definitely contact him again in the future for my business needs!”

- Rachel

“Bill Wallace, Alex, and their people at Cornerstone Commercial Capital were able to help me refinance what all banks I tried with would not touch! His personality along with expert experience get it done! If you need a loan call, Bill.”

- Charles

“Bill and Alex helped in finding the right financing for my first project. They are very Knowledgeable and Professional. I would definitely recommend them and would continue doing business with Cornerstone Commercial Capital.”

- Emeka

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